1.6kW 800V 1:16 bus converter is 97% efficient


It will run alongside the firm’s existing 700V BCM4414, having the same 4.2kVdc reinforced isolation and bi-directional conversion capability.

According to the firm, it can be paralleled into higher power arrays, and the SELV outputs can be stacked in series for higher output voltages.

Both 800 and 700V types caome in a 111 x 36 x 9.3mm ‘VIA’-branded package, which has integrated PMBus communication, EMI filtering, and voltage-transient protection.

“The VIA’s planar form factor package simplifies heat management and ease of interface to a wide variety of cooling technologies,” said Vicor.

Operation range is either -55 to 100°C (M-Grade) or -40 to 100˚C (T-Grade).

800V BCM4414: 500-800Vin, 31.3-50Vout, 35Amax, 97.7% max efficeincy

700V BCM4414: 400-700Vin, 25-43.75Vout, 40Amax, 97.5% max efficiency