Mini ac-dc power IC has 1.7kV SiC mosfet for 400Vac industrial operation

Rohm BM2SCQ12NT SiC ac-dc

“Incorporating a SiC mosfet and control circuitry optimised for auxiliary power supplies for industrial equipment in a single package significantly reduces the number of parts required when compared to the conventional designs. It also aids minimising both the component failure risk and the amount of resources required to develop systems using SiC mosfets,” according to the firm.

Rohm BM2SCQ12NT SiC ac-dcThe part is the BM2SCQ12xT-LBZ, and is expected to find use in servos and inverters in robots and PLCs (programmable logic controllers), and in street lamps.

Protection against over-load, Vcc over-voltage, secondary over-voltage and over-current is included, as is thermal shut-down.

Rohm BM2SCQ12NT SiC ac-dc“Quasi-resonant method is adopted for the control circuit that enables operation at higher efficiency and lower noise than conventional PWM systems, minimising the effects of noise in industrial equipment,” said Rohm.

It comes in a TO-220 6M package and is in production, with evaluation boards expected later this year.

Part Supply voltage Operating current Burst  current Max. Operating Frequency Overload
15 – 27.5VDrain 1700Vmax
2000µA typ 500µA typ 120kHz (typ.) Auto restart Latch -40ºC to 105ºC
BM2SCQ122T-LBZ Latch Latch
BM2SCQ123T-LBZ Auto restart Auto restart
BM2SCQ124T-LBZ Latch Auto restart