Raspberry Pi powers Pixxl Cube

The creators call it the Pixxl Cube.

Raspberry Pi powers Pixxl Cube

Each 32×32 pixel surface is capable of creating anything from words to scenes.

It could be used as an advertising display orbas a party prop.

Budapest startup Pirategames programmed a maze game that uses all sides of the cube. The player’s ball starts out on the top face with the object being to get it to the underside.

Tilting the cube causes the digital ball to “roll” toward the slant. Rolling over certain dots opens gates that can lead to other screens. Some dots open or close gates on the current face, which completely changes the layout of the maze forcing the player to find a different route.

The Pixxl Cube is not yet on the market says the Daily News Hungary.

“We are currently working to build a microphone and speakers in it,” said Zoltán Leel-Őssy, head developer at Pirategames.

Once completed, users will be able to download games and other application to the device using a mobile app on their phone. Pirategames is also looking into a way to allow two cubes to communicate. Presumably this will allow multiplayer functionality.

The developers are seeking investors to help bring the project to market.