Western Digital announced the latest financial report, announced that the memory's price has fell down in the bottom

Western Digital (WesternDigital) announced its latest fourth-quarter report on the 1st, with revenue of only 3.6 billion US dollars and net loss of 197 million.

Western Digital reported that the EPS loss was 67 cents, compared to the same period last year, earnings per share of 2.46 US dollars, obviously not good, but overall still meet analyst expectations. Mainly due to the recent sluggish sales and power outages in memory, Western Digital was hit hard. If no extra losses were incurred, the earnings per share were still 17 cents.

Western Digital currently forecasts annual revenue of $16.57 billion and a loss of $754 million, but CEO Steve Milligan is quite optimistic in the conference call, saying that the current memory market has hit the bottom and is brewing a rebound. He stressed that in FY 2019, Western Digital's market share in corporate and consumer SSDs has significantly expanded and established advantages. And Western Digital is further improving operational efficiency and improving a more robust product portfolio.

Western Digital continues to focus on the stable and profitable segment of the market, which is corporate storage. With Western Digital's research and development of products with a capacity of up to 14TB hard drives that have become mainstream and cater to a wide range of needs, we continue to maintain market power with leading technology advantages. And if consumer SSDexabytes shipments double, the latest NVMe products will also achieve large-scale growth in the new season.

At the meeting, it was also mentioned that Western Digital announced that it will form a formal agreement with Toshiba Memory (now known as Kioxia) to jointly invest in the K1 plant in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, in response to the growing demand for data centers, smartphones and 3D NANDFlash products for self-driving systems. The future will make great progress in reducing operating costs.

At present, Western Digital's view of the memory market is similar to that of Micron. Despite the poor performance of this quarter's earnings report, the stock price rose more than 3% after the end of the session after the CEO explained and vowed that the financial operations of Western Digital in 2020 would improve significantly.